Financial Solution for non-for profit

Financial Solution for non-for profit

Course Description:
This course is designed for people with a social vision and a strong personal drive. Unconventional teaching methods will bring out potentially hidden talents not normally addressed in study halls. It will enhance your practical organizational skills, test your leadership ability, broaden your horizon, teach you to be more at ease with success and failure and expand your social and professional network. Become involved in social innovation and develop your entrepreneurial talent by contributing to the creation of a viable, sustainable and profitable social project or business. While gaining career-essential skills you will also be creating learning opportunities for others
What you’ll learn:

  • Explain the process of developing a social innovation project
  • Develop a minimum viable product concept with a team
  • Iterate the early development of a product or service with stakeholders
  • Pitch a project to potential investors / sponsors / partners
  • Express the core needs of a project for finance and marketing

Seek unofficial opportunities to act as a liaison between two groups. Gather information, anticipate problems, foresee future opportunities and communicate findings.

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