Storytelling and Story development

Storytelling and Story development

Course Description:

Storytelling for Change is a 6 module course that will teach you storytelling techniques for how to be a better public speaker and connect with your audience whether you’re in a meeting with one person or in a presentation to hundreds of people. Acumen and The Ariel Group have created a hands-on course to help you develop your skills as a storyteller. Whether you work in an office, making presentations in the boardroom, as a teacher with 30 to 300 students, interacting with customers, or one-on-one with individuals, knowing how to tell a story in a compelling way will bring you closer to your audience.
Acumen believes that storytelling is an essential tool for changing the way the world tackles poverty because it starts with changing the conversations around what we see, hear, feel and know to be true. Change leaders see the world’s potential, and tell powerful stories that inspire action.

What you will learn:

  • How to be confident in using stories, especially personal stories, as a part of your communication toolkit.
  • Know how to tell stories and use a specific set of storytelling skills so that you connect with the hearts and minds of your audience.
  • Have developed, rehearsed, and received feedback on one personal story as a replicable model so that you can build a personal ‘library’ or ‘back pocket’ of stories that can be used in different situations.
  • Be able to use a 5-step process to integrate story into presentations for change, work or many other situations.

Optional Activities:
Assess your personal work style and utilize the strengths of your style to achieve your goals.

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    Acumen is a non-profit venture fund with a vision to help build a world beyond poverty through investing in companies that deliver critical goods and services in water, health, housing, energy, agriculture, and education; leaders who are paving the way for new approaches to fighting poverty; and the spread of ideas that will give the world the knowledge and the understanding to change how the world tackles poverty.
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