Leading Empowerment

Leading Empowerment

Course Description
A toolkit for those at different stages of the spectrum of leadership, Leading Empowerment describes at each level what empowerment looks like, feels like and sounds like. The book offers a structure and framework of ‘how to’ enable a workforce. Specific examples are drawn from public and private sectors, service and manufacturing, for both large FTSE 250 companies and small and medium sized enterprises. This is a ‘hands on’ book. It will assist anyone who wants to learn about empowerment, what differentiates it from delegation and how it can be implemented in any kind of organisation to achieve the benefits outlined.

  • Provides an everyday analogy to define empowerment
  • Offers a step by step guide to implement an empowerment strategy for use up to CEO levels
  • Identifies the language and actions of empowering leaders, from the first line supervisor to the board

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